Terra Medi means from the earth
Greece is a place of astonishing beauty, a land warmed by the Mediterranean sun and softened by the cool breeze of the sea surrounding it. This provides the ideal climate for the olive trees, yielding the rich taste of the olive oil they are famous for.
Our Legacy

Childhood memories always revolve around food. Delicious smells of Sunday family dinners, simple everyday meals prepared with love and care, age-old recipes recreated in every household. In our own memories from Greece, food and olive oil go hand in hand. The Greeks use it generously in salads, pies, meats and even desserts. The olive tree has been cultivated there for over 5,000 years and olive oil has always been part of the Greek cuisine and way of life.

In 2001, Greek Farms International created Terra Medi primarily because we craved the taste of the old country. We wanted to recreate that heart-warming feeling that we so vividly remember, and share it with America.

Our Philosophy

Terra Medi is a unique brand of high quality authentic Greek gourmet products that are 100% natural. They are produced with the authentic traditional methods of an ancient heritage, and packaged according to today’s highest standards.

Not all extra virgin olive oils are the same. In fact, they vary in both quality and taste, based on climate, olive variety, and cultivation and pressing methods.

Aiming for excellence through authenticity, we are committed to bringing the real taste of Greece to your table!

The land where Terra Medi comes from

Straight from the groves of Peloponnese to America’s dinner table! Greece was the first civilization to be involved in the full-scale cultivation of olives. Production of olive oil in Greece has spanned more than 5 millennia. Scientific evidence suggests that olive trees grew wild on the island of Crete as early as 3500 BC and that systematic cultivation and exportation of the oil began as early as 2000 BC. Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle further developed the cultivation of the olive into a science.

Olive oil was largely responsible for establishing Greece’s early commercial success. With the expansion of the Greek colonies, their knowledge of olive tree cultivation and olive oil extraction techniques spread throughout the Mediterranean, from Italy to northern Africa. The olive had become increasingly important to both the Greek culture and its economy. Homer even referred to olive oil as “liquid gold” in The Odyssey. Greece continues to remain the world’s largest exporter of extra virgin olive oil. In fact, many Italian and Spanish olive oils add Greek extra virgin olive oil to their own products to enhance their color and flavor. Eighty percent (80%) of total Greek production is extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality.

Terra Medi family of products

Terra Medi offers a selection of the finest Extra Virgin Greek olive oils, sesame oils, vinegars, and olives. All our products are 100% authentic Greek with no additives or preservatives. They are cultivated with age old traditional methods, produced in state of the art facilities in Greece, and hold the following important certifications:

NOP Certified Organic and Grown to USDA Standards
PGI Certified from the highly praised Lakonia Region of Greece
Ultra low acidity – less than required for Extra Virgin classification (0.5% vs 0.8% standard)

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